Charleston, SC – Polite, Smart & Attractive!

 Where Do America’s Most Attractive People Live?

By: Megan Friedman

Los Angeles? New York? Not a chance.

Apparently, all the hotties hang out in Charleston, S.C. According to a survey conducted by Travel + Leisure magazine, the southern city is home to the most attractive people in America. The prettiest populaces tend to live in places that are either sun-kissed, like Honolulu, or active and athletic, like Denver. The cities NewsFeed thought were sure bets — New York and L.A. — rank lower, possibly because they scored low in friendliness.

From our Broker Randy Walker; Not only are we the most polite city,(Conde Naste) & considered one of the best cities for business along with being named one of the smartest cities (Forbes); Now we’re considered a city with the most attractive people.
Walk tall Charlestonians.